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Nevada Cats by anotherblazehedgehog
Nevada Cats
I drew this for my niece during my stay in Nevada at my Brother's place. n the back, I wrote a short, simple apology for invading her bedroom during our stay (since that’s where it was decreed I’d sleep).

They’re of some of her pets. The focal point is obviously Twister, a tabby who strutted around the house like he owned the place. Tensions were high between him and their newest addition, a stray cat who answered to the name “Kitty.” Kitty and Twister occasionally got in to fights while we were there, but by the end of it, they were starting to act more friendly towards one another.

If you go back and look at the photos I posted, you’ll actually be able to spot these two. She also specifically asked if I knew how to draw guinea pigs – which, uh, no, I didn’t, really. Thankfully she had a coloring book laying around with some cartoon-y guinea pigs for me to at least get a basis to work from.

I really like the way it turned out! I colored with pencils I bought from the Dollar Store. And, since it's a physical drawing I gave to her, this is obviously just a photo I took of it before I left. :p
Big Paper by anotherblazehedgehog
Big Paper
Final submission for this morning. Had to sit through some computer stuff recently, so I broke in a new drawing pad with these things. Problem is, the paper's too big for the scanner, so some of it ended up getting cut off. I could've fixed it by scanning the sheet of paper multiple times and stitching it all together, but... eh, effort.

Rude 'n' Tude and Professor Lab Rat are characters for a game idea I had once, and Parappa... well, I'm proud of what a dumb pun that is.
Luigi Paint by anotherblazehedgehog
Luigi Paint
The other piece of art produced for my Sonic Boom video review, which, again, if you haven't seen it:…

When I produced this I wanted to make it available as a poster or something on my RedBubble store. I'll... also get around to that... eventually. Probably. I guess.
Sonic Fans by anotherblazehedgehog
Sonic Fans
This is some art I put in to my Sonic Boom video review, which at this point is almost two months old. If you haven't watched it, you can see it here:…

I've had some requests for the neckbeard's shirt, or something similar. I have plans for possibilities, but I haven't gotten around to it... or much of anything, really, since the video review released.
Boy, how quickly things change in only 9 months. A lot of the links I submitted in the previous journal have changed! So in the interest in keeping this recent, here's an update:

I started selling shirts on RedBubble. is currently dead, but I have opened for my Youtube show. The LetsVideogame Youtube channel still exists, but it's currently finding its purpose.

A lot of people have been bugging me about it for the better part of the year, so I started a Patreon. There's a bunch of stuff you can make me do through that, like art commissions and such. Join the Cool Kids Club today.

And, as always:

See you in 2015!
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I either want to make games or write about games, and at this point it's more likely I'll be writing about games. But that's just professionally, I guess - I haven't stopped making games as a hobby, of course.

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