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Genesis by anotherblazehedgehog Genesis by anotherblazehedgehog
Genesis, a character of my own creation. Copying and pasting from what I said on my website:

"The Genesis Saga is just me having a bit of fun. The concept itself is nothing short of the most juvenile fanboy dribble, but for once I didn't want to sit down, do a project, get discouraged because it wasn't official, blah blah, or whatever. I just wanted to do something simply fun for myself. Something I could have fun creating without worrying about subplots or if a character was acting like they should, or whatever. Laugh at TGS, whatever. It doesn't really matter to me; I had fun creating the characters and the world.

At it's core, you could say TGS rips off Dragonball Z. It was created in a time when The Buu Saga was airing on Cartoon Network, and being a DBZ fan myself, I did not miss a single episode of it. Both me and my buddy Luckett wanted to do something similiar to that, I guess. I can't really remember right now. I know it began with Luckett mentioning doing a mini-comic, and I followed in his footsteps; both of our storylines were centered around a common theme: Fusion. For Luckett's main enemy, he chose Metal Shadow, whom looked really awesome (and strikingly similiar to Metal Sonic, in Sonic Heroes; but this was created a good 6-10 months before we even knew what Sonic Heroes was). But I was not simply satisfied with... another Metal character.

I chose to create something different. Something "original". In True Dragonball fashion, he was born out of a name that was a pun: Genesis, referencing the Sega Genesis (An even worse pun is contained in the name of the energy absorbtion unit Genesis has -- it's called his "Mega Drive"). At first I wanted to do some kind of crazy looking thing that resembled a hedgehog only barely -- the end product eventually ended up resembling a Chameleon, but in the end, Genesis himself is not based off of any species of animal. He is not supposed to be a hedgehog, nor a chameleon, or anything. He is my creation, and I'm generally proud of him."

You'll be seeing a lot more of Genesis as I upload the TGS collage archives. This image is fairly old, probably going on a year. The first image I ever used PSP to vector CG.
xlpowerlx Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2006
it's emerl with tunning :P
djrustye Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2006  Professional General Artist
I like em'
Jammerlee Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
Then several months later, Emerl comes into the world >_> What is it with SEGA making characters that resemble our original fan ones? @___@;

Aside from his arms and legs being much too thin, I always thought he had such a kickass design.
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June 19, 2004
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